3 Apps That Can Help With Math Problems

3 Apps That Can Help With Math Problems

Top Apps and Tools That Solve Math Problems

Web tools and apps have become the go-to option for understanding a subject better. When it comes to math, you would think it would be hard to find apps that showcase the step by step procedure to get the correct answer. However, there are math apps and online tools that solve math problems accurately and make the subject much more fun to learn. So just in case, you fail to grasp the concepts taught in class or find a specific math problem hard to solve using one of the listed below apps and tools.

The great part is that these apps are not just for students, but teachers can also help modern students with math problems. After all, students have different learning styles, and others might grasp the concepts faster by using technology.


This app uses intelligent software to teach various math fields such as algebra, calculus, statistics, spreadsheets, and graphs. It is compatible with multiple systems, which means students with mobile phones, iPad, and even those who want to use it online can do so without encountering any problems. Its official website can be projected on smartboards, which is advantageous for teachers who wish to use it in the classroom.

Students at all academic levels can use the app to practice math problems that involve graphs without the need to download other tools such as a graphing paper and ruler. You can also zoom in and out 3D graphs with ease, and in case a user encounters any issue, GeoGebra has a forum where experts are more than willing to help.

Wolfram Alpha

Do not allow the mathematical anxiety to derail your plan of understanding the basic concepts. Use available tools and learn from online experts, and you will end up becoming a good mathematician. Wolfram Alpha is a mobile app and a web service tool that helps to solve math problems.

The app using artificial intelligence can solve complex calculations and provide accurate answers to any math question. With Wolfram, Alpha students have a smart math tool at their disposal. Unlike when you search for a solution to a specific problem online, since this app has an extensive database of information instead of delivering endless search results, it gives one definite answer. For a step by step process, you may have to pay for the pro version.


If you have a basic math problem, PhotoMath can help you solve it. The app is user-friendly and requires the user to turn on their camera, take a photo of the math problem, and display a detailed, correct answer. Some of the math problems you can solve with it include simple arithmetic and trigonometry.

Remember, the apps listed on this post are mainly to help you solve a math problem and understand the concepts so that you can use the knowledge gained to excel in exams. A teacher will only give a good grade in a test if you show the steps you took to get the answer, which in turn proves you have the necessary math skills required for that level.

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