5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Content Writer

5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Content Writer

How to Hire the Best Freelance Website Content Writer

Content writing is not easy, even for someone with extensive experience on the subject. This is because writing content for a website is more than just stating your opinion on the topic. You must do extensive research on the topic and come up with unique keywords to boost organic traffic and search engine rankings.

You must also set ample time aside to edit each post and add relevant images and videos thoroughly. This is because apart from quality content images, boosts search traffic.

Why Hire the Best Content Writer?

Website owners who do not have adequate time or writing skills for writing engaging posts often turn to a freelance writer. Why? Because an online professional content writer can produce content that ranks amongst the first few pages of search engine results and capture the attention of the target audience. This helps to make your brand popular and turn visitors into loyal customers.

While a professional writer will generate leads and increase your rank on search engines, an inexperienced writer will drag down your brand credibility. He or she might even cost your business money as the visitors might not turn into leads. That is why itis essential to select the right person to write content that matches your website style, tone, and someone who truly understands your goals, products, or services.

If you intend to use your website for eCommerce purposes, the expert must have persuasive writing skills to turn sales pitches into a success. This post will guide you on the things to consider when hiring an online freelancer website content writer.

Extensive Experience

An extensively experienced writer is a knowledgeable one. The trick is to go for someone that has knowledge and experience in your area of expertise. Their education level can, in some way, match the background information they have on a subject. So consider their skills as well as education and experience.


Do you want a writer to produce fresh content every day or once a week? If you prefer to get a well-written post every day, then you must select an available writer. Preferably, they should not be working on other projects because you want them to focus on your posts and give them the attention they deserve.


Most times, a cheap writer can equate to low-quality work. This is because focusing only on your project and writing posts solely for you means they will allot most of their time. This makes the whole writing and editing process expensive. However, always stick to hiring someone within your budget but won’t compromise on the expected quality.

Overall, do not compromise on the quality because you do not want to pay a good writer the amount they have specified. If you want an expert in that niche, you must be willing to pay for one.


All qualified and experienced content writers will have testimonials, ratings, and a list of previous customers. If possible, look at all these factors as they can tell you a lot about the kind of business relationship you are likely to have with the writer.

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