6 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Website Content Writer

6 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Website Content Writer

What to Look for in a Website Content Writer

As a website owner, you must be able to handle multiple aspects, including writing original posts, editing and updating the outdated information, and focusing on other aspects of your life. Doing everything by yourself can easily be overwhelming. But how do you avoid burn work but ensure your website has fresh content? Simple. Hire a trustworthy website content writer. But how do you differentiate trustworthy ones from scammers? Here are six tips to help you out.

A Native English Speaker

By hiring someone who understands the nuances of the English language, you can be sure that the content you present will be free of grammar errors, punctuations, and typos. Unless your website content is going to be in another language, it is always ideal to find a writer who can communicate your message accurately without using words or phrases that might be misunderstood.


While this is pretty obvious, some website owners do not believe that a subject expert is worth every penny. Instead, they would rather hire anyone who can deliver content. The problem comes in when the produced work is substandard, and the writer refuses to do revisions to improve the quality. Publishing a poor quality content will result in your page failing to rank highly on search engine results.


The common reason that most website owners give for not hiring a pro is because of the cost. However, look at the long term effects that an expert brings to the table. A professional writer who is also extensively experienced on the subject are dedicated to their craft and will construct a solid post.

Besides, most have advance degrees in English, communication, and journalism. They will produce text that mirrors your brand's voice and that which has the right keywords.

Writing Background

Whether their primary focus is in marketing, finance, health, or education, you just want an experienced writer. After all, they all do the same job, right? Of course, not. Each niche has its own specialists who know what phrases to use to capture a reader's attention.

Therefore, it is best to choose a writer with extensive experience in your target area. Those with experience in a similar market niche will have ample writing background and know key issues your target audience is concerned with.


Outsourcing website content to an online writer means you might require a few amendments. Will the writer you have selected be willing to do revisions? Will the changes be covered in the amount paid, or is it considered an extra charge? A professional writer will give you a clear breakdown of what the cost covers. In most cases, revisions are free and done until you re fully satisfied with the work.


Before hiring a website content writer full time, give them a small project to gauge whether they can complete the task on time. If they come back with excuses after the deadline has passed, drop them and move on. The ideal writer should be able to work with your deadlines and produce exceptional website content. Ensure they are available to give ample time to your writing project.

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