Job Application Form Online: Pros and Cons

Job Application Form Online: Pros and Cons

Advantages and Disadvantage of Job Application Form Online

Even if you submit an impressive resume and cover letter, some companies still require applicants to fill out a job application form online. Sometimes the form can have simple questions that take a few minutes to complete. On the other hand, you can also get detailed forms that take hours to complete. The purpose of an online application form is to give the recruiter a glimpse of the applicant and what experiences, skills, and knowledge they bring to the table.

What you will notice about application forms is that they tend to concrete on specific details that the hiring manager wants to know. For instance, the biggest section could be about work history or details about your past employment. Apart from taking a more significant portion in the form, the crucial part will often be placed at the top. That way, if the recruiter likes the answer, a particular candidate has given, they can send an invitation for the face to face interview.


More people from across the world have internet-enabled devices and know how to use a computer. Therefore, while a recruiter can have challenges handwritten applications, online forms eradicate this problem. Online job application forms also offer better accuracy, which is advantageous for an applicant who fills it in a hurry.

In a traditional pen and paper form, an applicant can make mistakes because of nervousness, leave some blank spaces, or even answer questions incorrectly. This means the candidate may fail to get the job. Online forms are often set in such a way that they cannot be submitted unless the candidate fills all the blank spaces.

For candidates who are shy or get nervous when speaking to an employer, online forms provide the perfect opportunity to use words to make a lasting first impression.

While job application forms online are great tools for collecting details that can easily exclude people who lack the skills and abilities required in that organization, they can be a good source of record keeping. They give quick access to information that an employer wants to know without reading through a resume or cover letter.

Since a resume tends to follow a formal or standard format, some details such as social security number, driver’s license, wages history, and expected salary may be missing. However, an online application form leaves room for an employer to customize it according to the information they want to know. Hence can include sections that are generally not available in a resume.


While an online job application form has several advantages, some of its demerits include:

  • Screening applicants in a way that results in quick judgments might result in qualified individuals being passed over because of a single mistake.
  • It increases the job application time because applicants must also submit a cover later and a detailed curriculum vitae. Checking all these documents is time-consuming, especially for a busy recruiter.

Asking for personal details such as the last salary can look like a breach of privacy. Besides, an employer must take the necessary precautions to ensure all the personal information remains private, which means incurring additional costs.

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