Job Application Online: Mistakes to Avoid

Job Application Online: Mistakes to Avoid

Online Job Application Mistakes to Avoid

Most organizations are turning away from paperless methods and embracing online applications. As a result, applicants do not have to use a lot of money to mail job documents to a hiring manager. Instead, they can simply use their internet-enabled devices and apply for vacant positions. However, the ease of job application comes with its own disadvantages in that a company can receive thousands of job application documents which makes the process of selecting a few capable individuals stressful.

For a student, an online job application is convenient and makes it easier to check the status of the application. But to increase the odds of being successful, it is ideal to start sending applications before you even graduate. However, you may be the perfect candidate for the job, but a single mistake can cost you that interview call. Read on to know the mistakes that are costing job seekers a chance to get employment.

Failing to Follow Procedures

Have you been sending numerous online job applications but never got a response or an interview call? Maybe you are not following all the instructions given. Most organizations have their own unique procedure on how applicants should apply for the vacant positions. So apart from reading the job description ensure you fill in all the blank spaces in your application form. If there are any tests to be done or you have to submit a cover letter in addition to a resume, make sure you comply with all the rules.

Grammatical Errors

Remember, several candidates are sending their applications to the same company. So content with grammar errors is likely to end up in the rejection pile because it portrays unprofessionalism. If your English is not flawless, find a professional to do thorough editing for you. Besides, nowadays, several free grammar checking tools can help polish your work. Just go for that which does not save your work online.

Exaggerating Information

You want to look good in front of the employer and impress them so much that they would want you to be part of their team. However, it does not mean you should exaggerate or include false statements. If you cannot support what you are saying with experiences gained, then its best to leave it out. Stick to giving accurate and up to date information that can also be found in your resume.

Failing to Match the Job Description With Your Experience

There is a reason why the hiring manager would list all the job description and roles of the vacant position. To help a candidate gauge whether they have the skills, knowledge and experience that the employer wants. Therefore before applying for any job online ensure that your qualifications match what the recruiter is looking for.

Unprofessional Email Address

Maybe the reason why a recruiter has not contacted you is that your email address is unprofessional. Your email address should not be a turn off to potential employers. So do not go for a silly or flirtatious name or include lots of numbers that make it hard to remember.

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