What is Paraphrasing

There are unique instances where you might be required to rephrase a paragraph or entire document. At certain times, even when using active voice, changing the sentences’ arrangement can prove challenging. And this is why paraphrase articles are commonly used in academic writing. Always ensure that your paper is free from grammatical errors and communicates the intended message. These are some of the occurrences that could make your work untrustworthy. Below are the steps to observe while doing a detailed rewrite.

Read and Comprehend the Content

This is always the first step before you begin to change the material in a new way. Let your eyes guide you by reading and understanding what is being conveyed. Remember that simple things tend to get differently, even if they seem superficially similar. So, keep reading to comprehend and enjoy the changes that will make your work stand out. Below are the top reasons to take too much time when rewriting

What are the Phases?

  1. When You Want to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an unpardonable mistake in journalism. Sadly, there are cases where journalists end up plagiarizing parts of their papers. When you research, understand the best practices for ensuring that your papers are uniquely created. Additionally, you will help the writer in getting the right structure for the newpaper.

  1. Check Out Other Similar Works

You will come across various kinds of paraphrased literature at one point in your learning career. It is, therefore, essential to know the extent of similarities in other works. Make sure to compare the same and confirm if you are compiling the correct information from them.

  1. Write Down Key Points

To produce a direct translation of the original text, you have to include the key points in your own words. Don’t forget to write the concepts in your own words. This helps avoid similarity. After all, you do not want to mix up ideas in one article.

Rewrite the Paragraph

After finishing the rewrite, it is now the time to review the original piece. Check if everything is in order and if the paragraphs are still relevant. Are the main points still relevant? Some of the major points discussed in the paragraph will need to be altered. Prepare for the task in advance and then writing the new document from scratch.